A Tribute to Arin Trook

Honoring former Program Director Arin Trook with words shared from the Balanced Rock community

Below is a compilation of photos and words about Arin from the BR community and beyond.  We miss him dearly.

“This news feels like a big meteor hit the Earth and left a huge deep hole. The complexities of this impact are beyond what I am able to describe. It is incredibly frustrating not to be able to adjust anything about it.

He was sparkly, kind, curious, thoughtful, engaging, and devoted. I think his super power was suspending time. When I had the opportunity to be around him whether for five minutes or an hour it never seemed rushed and somehow there was always enough time to plunge into and complete a meaningful conversation.

For those who had the opportunity to share days and years with him, I can only imagine what time is like after his death. It is not like we can go down the street and get another Arin. He definitely was one of those people that I think we all would be significantly better off if there were more people like him. I hope the world we live in is creating that opportunity.

If there is anything that I can do that would be helpful please let me know. You, Arin’s family, and the rest of his vast sphere of influence and inspiration are in my thoughts.”

With love,

Brenda Ostrom (Balanced Rock Board Member, Owner of Mountain Meadow Farms), Mariposa, CA

“While many friends’ memories of Arin will flash to high-country adventures and wanderings, my sweetest memories of Arin, Liesa and Kosma were of the most domestic kind in the low canyon living of El Portal. Arin and family stayed with our family on Incline Road during one of the many evacuation events here in EP; we felt lucky to get them to ourselves. Arin was good company in conversation and in silence. His comfort in his own skin and spark for living and connecting were palpable in his cleaning the kitchen, making food for his son, and hanging on the couch in the evening. He offered a cozy-hearted presence that invited others into the comfort of his kindness. Our blessings go out to Liesa and Kosma and Ria.” 

-Schuyler Greenleaf (Yosemite Conservancy, El Portal resident, Volunteer Yoga Instructor with Balanced Rock), El Portal CA

“Arin was a one of a kind human being with a captivating presence, who seamlessly balanced playfulness with deep reflection.  In my mind I can hear his voice, echoing jewels of wisdom embedded in the most engagingly presented stories.  I can see his smile- joyful and warm, with a pinch of mischief.  Arin was a teacher and a friend, and someone who led life in a way that inspired those around him.  He was a mentor for me when I was an eager young educator for NatureBridge in Yosemite, and again years later as I deepened my study of yoga.  Arin was an old soul, wise beyond his years. I am grateful for the time that I got to spend with Arin, and for the way that he touched my life. Arin, thank you for sharing your inspiring spirit with us all.  May you roam wild, peaceful and free. “

 –Jenna Beers  (Former Nature Bridge Instructor, Nursing Student, Wilderness Guide and Yoga Instructor for Balanced Rock), Columbia, CA

Story-teller. Heart open! Look at your Urdva Danurasana.. proud El Cap in the back ground! Lover of music and listening and singing and playing. Elf, imp, magician, sparkly, bright, twinkle. Soulful and wise. Deeply studied. You put in your time; your hard work.  Wicked smart, you Berkeley and Standford grad…Ha! they didn’t know what to do with all those dreads on campus! No sleep, too much to explore and celebrate. Caretaker, nurturer. Deep dedication and commitment to Liesa. To Kosi. To Ria. Family. Husband. Father. “

-Eliza Kerr (Ayurvedic Practitioner, Co-Founder and Board Member for Balanced Rock), El Portal, CA

“My memory of Arin is when he was the lead instructor for a custom trip of women from Oakland.  Most of them had never been backpacking before.  So they were excited and nervous.  We had a VERY slow trudge up the 10 Lakes trail to get to our camp site.  Arin was incredibly patient and played his guitar the entire time to serenade us.  We were all surprised he could be doing that, while we were just struggling to breathe!   Arin was amazing at reading the individuals and meeting their needs every moment during that trip.  His cooking was fantastic and his smile infectious.  I’m so incredibly honored to have shared this journey with him!  My heart goes out to his family and to the entire community!”

-Marcia Hodges (Top Facilitator, Balanced Rock Board Member), Oakland, CA

“One of my most vivid memories is when a woman who wasn’t on our trip got angry and started yelling at us. Arin was incredibly skilled at non-violent communication and within 3 minutes, this angry woman was hugging him and talking to him like she knew him for years. That is the kind of person Arin was. He was such an original. We had so many good laughs! Arin was one of the most gifted outdoor guides and storytellers that I ever met. He lived an absolutely authentic life, motivated by ecological citizenship and loving kindness. Arin was a facilitator of transformation, bringing out the best self you didn’t even know was there.”

   –Pam Kuhn (former Balanced Rock Executive Director)

ACES has set up a memorial fund to help Arin’s family:


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