Fascia February: DIY Active Fascial Release Series

Be your own healer & gain greater freedom in your movement through healthier, more fluid fascia!

with Mia Esquivel, CMT
Fascia February: DIY Active Fascial Release Series
Date: February 24, 2021

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Join us for this Community Wellness Series, every Wednesday in February from 6pm to 6:45pm PST, online via Zoom
SERIES DESCRIPTION: Fascial Release is the gentle application of steady pressure to the connective tissue enclosing muscles or organs in order to release pain and increase mobility. Learn how to create more freedom in your body through compress and shear fascial release techniques, taught by licensed Clinical Massage Therapist Mia Esquivel in the comfort of your own home. Using foam rollers, lacrosse balls and perhaps other spontaneous props, you will learn how to effectively reduce painful and stiff areas. Gain greater freedom in your movement through healthier, more fluid fascia. Be your own healer!
Can’t make it Wednesday evenings? If you are unable to join for the live class(es), every registered participant will be emailed instructions on how to access the recordings of these classes via our online learning platform. That way you will be able to retake any classes in future, or attend the classes on your own schedule.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Yoga mat, foam roller, lacrosse ball
“I would highly recommend the fascia release series to everyone I know. Mia is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I now put the techniques and principles I learned into practice several days a week. As an athlete and computer user, these techniques provide a ton of relief from chronic stiffness and pain. Even if you think you know about fascia release, you will learn something new and get the motivation needed to put knowledge into practice.” -Class participant from 2020 DIY Active Fascial Release Series
“Mia’s fascial release series showed me ways to unlock tension I didn’t even realize I was carrying in my body! As a yoga instructor and longtime dancer I was astonished at the difference in how I felt and moved after one of these sessions. She guides you through and explains as you go, showing you how to release and the proper techniques to be able to do it yourself. The fluidity and mobility I gained from participating in these classes is a true gift, and I employ what I learned from Mia in my body care routines weekly!” -Class participant from 2020 DIY Active Fascial Release Series

ABOUT MIA: “What fires me up is developing a deeper connection to our bodies and the agency we possess to create massive change in our wellbeing.  My career as a licensed massage therapist began in 1999 running my own practice in Washington State. I trained in 2000 at the Soma Institute in Buckley, Washington becoming a Certified Soma Practitioner- a specialty of ’10 session series’ structural integration work. In 2018 I began expanding my knowledge of Active Fascial Release techniques to use in my private practice, Embody Energy, and as a tool of self care. I am currently a licensed massage therapist in the State of California practicing in El Portal and Mariposa.”