Go For Your Dreams

Check out one of Balanced Rock’s founders, Eliza Kerr on a Mother-Daughter Climb of El Capitan’s Zodiac route!

Eliza and Calliope (age 13) enjoying a selfie over one thousand feet off the ground.

Eliza, Calliope, and friend Miranda Oakley spent three days and nights climbing this iconic piece of granite. Experiencing all sorts of weather, physical and mental challenges these women are inspirations to us all. Their achievement encourages us to go for our dreams!

Tips to success shared by Eliza and Calliope:
1. Work hard and prepare as best as possible
2. Seek support from friends and mentors
3. Surrender! Have faith and trust that it will all work out the way it’s meant to be 🙂

Balanced Rock was once a dream and is now a thriving non-profit organization. Perhaps you dream of connecting with yourself and others in the wilderness, pushing new frontiers of your mental, physical, and/or emotional stamina? Or maybe you dream of becoming a yoga instructor and serving your community? If so join us for a course this year and manifest your dreams into reality!

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