Intentions for the New Year

From Heather Sullivan

Winter Solstice marks the new year for me.  It is a time to go inward and reflect as we have the most amount of dark hours.  It is a time of rest and reflection.

This year I am practicing a different type of New Year’s intention: 

Settling into Enoughness.

Rather than try and make changes or work at a new resolution in my life, I am taking inventory of what I already have and do.   

The Practice (5 minutes per day for a week)

Find a quiet spot. Light a candle and set a 5-minute timer.  Close your eyes.

  • Contemplate on how you feel you are already enough in this world.
  • Contemplate on what material possessions you have enough of.
  • Contemplate on what you have already in abundance that you can give to the world.
Write these thoughts in a journal or on a piece of paper.
Try this practice for one week before setting any new intentions or resolutions to feel into your well for abundance and to bring light and insight into how much you already have and how much you already are.
Explore if you find any sense of inner peace or contentment when feeling like there is and you are enough.
From all of us at Balanced Rock we wish you an abundant, joyful, and peaceful New Year!


  1. Jessica DeMartin says

    Love this! Happy Everything Heather!

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