A poem by Heather Sullivan
This altar is for you…Michael, for you Dad, for you Brother, and also you Brother, and you uncle and to you my friend and mentor.
The veil to the spirit world is thin now and I remember you, my little niece.
And I think of all the mothers, sisters, aunties, and daughters and cousins and sons, and wives and husbands who have passed as well. And Grandmothers and Grandfathers, this candle is lit and extinguished for you.

This altar is for all of you.

Knowing you has brought me gifts, the greatest gifts of life.  True love.

And during these darkening days
as leaves fall from the trees and the sun dips closer to the horizon
I offer flowers, and food, a candle, and remnants

I am so grateful to have known you
to have been touched by you
and loved by you.

You are part of me and live on with me.
Until I too slip to the other side of the veil.

During this season, if you feel called to…consider making an altar or offering for your loved ones who have left this physical world.

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