community yoga program

Our weekly adult yoga classes are taught by volunteer yoga teachers on a donation basis. Donations help support the scholarship fund of the Balanced Rock Foundation and yoga teacher development. All levels are welcome!

Balanced Rock’s Founders, Eliza Kerr and Heather Sullivan have brought their vision for health and wellbeing to the local school system and are now also teaching a weekly class for K-8 students at El Portal Elementary School through the Kid’s Yoga and Mindfulness Program. Contact us for more information. 

Below is our monthly community class schedule, which is updated with any cancellations or instructor changes. Please see maps below schedule for yoga class locations.

January 2020 Community Yoga Teaching Schedule

Wed, Jan 16:00pm-7:00pmTeaching Holiday /No ClassYosemite Valley
Mon, Jan 66:00pm-7:15pmSchuyler GreenleafEl Portal Community Hall
Wed, Jan 86:00pm-7:00pmHeather BrombergYosemite Valley
Mon, Jan 136:00pm-7:15pmBreezy JacksonEl Portal Community Hall
Wed, Jan 156:00pm-7:00pmBreezy JacksonYosemite Valley
Mon, Jan 206:00pm-7:15pmTeaching Holiday /No ClassEl Portal Community Hall
Wed, Jan 226:00pm-7:00pmMeaghan OlsenYosemite Valley
Mon, Jan 276:00pm-7:15pmMeaghan OlsenEl Portal Community Hall
Wed, Jan 296:00pm-7:00pmHeather SullivanYosemite Valley

Adult Yoga classes are regularly held at two locations:
Mondays 6:00-7:15pm
Carroll N Clark Community Hall
5512 Foresta Rd.
El Portal, CA

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Yosemite Hospitality Wellness Center
Yosemite Valley, CA
Located on Southside Drive (just past Housekeeping Camp and east of Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center).

If you are in the Yosemite area, please join us any time for these classes.
For more information call (209) 379-WILD or email us: