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Looking for a Balanced Rock experience with just your friends or loved ones? Let us work with you to design a retreat or backcountry adventure that’s tailored to match your vision. Pick and choose the components you are interested in and we will take care of the rest. It’s easy for us to make reservations in Yosemite, which can be difficult to obtain. We’ll send you the detailed plan for your adventure-all you need to do is meet our guides at the trailhead or local lodge.

We arrange retreats from one day to two weeks, and can accommodate almost any size group, depending on location and the specifics of Park regulations. Call us at 209-379-9453 for help designing your perfect trip.

Examples of custom experiences we have organized:

  • Trips For Families
    Our staff loves working with children and families (many have families of their own), and we love to share our home with your family. Choose from a variety of accommodation options-lodge, rustic retreat, camping, or backpacking.
  • A Contemplative Backpack Adventure
    Find your natural rhythm on the scenic backpacking trails of Yosemite National Park. With help from our experienced leaders, you’ll learn the skills of self-sufficiency in the outdoors and practice yoga. Customize the length and focus of the trip to suit the needs of the group.
  • The Ultimate Bachelorette Party!
    Treat the bride-to-be to memories she will never forget. Imagine a weekend filled with yoga, hiking, and creative writing, plus a massage for the bachelorette. And it wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without plenty of time to laugh and tell stories! We have lots of ideas for making sure that it’s a fun event that everyone will remember.
  • Day-hikes for the Wedding Party or Special Guests
    Have Balanced Rock in association with Mountain Meadow Farms cater your event!

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