Yosemite Yoga Day Hikes

Already have a trip planned to Yosemite or working with limited time in the park? We offer Yoga & Wellness Day Hikes that are customizable, accessible to all ages and levels, and flexible with your travel schedule! Email us at info@balancedrock.org to work directly with us, or explore our partnered programs below!

Join our experienced yoga instructors and naturalists on a guided Wellness Hike to some of Yosemite’s premier outdoor “yoga studios”. These hikes meet at multiple locations and can be booked via the following venues:

  • Yosemite Wellness Hikes, partnered with Tenaya Lodge | these yoga + wellness hikes can explore Mariposa Grove, Sentinel Dome or areas in Yosemite Valley! Runs July through early October.
    • For more details and to book your spot, please contact the Ascent Spa at Tenaya Lodge: (559) 692-8954 | www.tenayalodge.com/spa


  • Yoga Day Hikes, partnered with Rush Creek | this full-day excursion led by Balanced Rock will combine yoga, gentle to moderate hiking and nature awareness activities that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and connected to Yosemite. Runs August through October.
    • For more information or to book your spot, please contact Rush Creek or book online: (209) 379-2373 | Yosemite Yoga Hike

Balanced Rock is excited to partner with Tenaya Lodge and Rush Creek Lodge to provide these special offerings!