Savasana Integration

The following gems are from each of the 7 classes offered by our incredible line up of Balanced Rock instructors at the 2016 Yoga Jambalaya. This year’s event was gracefully facilitated by Eliza Kerr, Brenda Lear, Paula Wild, Heather Sullivan, Dennis Eagan and Jana Kilgore; sharing their wisdom and love of mindfulness practices. During our final bonus thirty minute Savasana, Heather Sullivan shared these aloud with the intention of helping us to fully integrate the deep messages of the day. 

Version 2



Remember our true nature as spirit


Practice again and again and again


Practice to Remember


Gayatri Mantra


Listen as deeply as you can


Doesn’t matter how far you bend your spine, it matters that you bend your spine


Feels totally delicious in our bodies


Love More Stress Less


Only place to go is inside and focus on breath


Practice so it is fun and easy


Digest Juicy Earthy


Hands in front of our hearts in Gratitude


Let all teaching settle into spots in the body


Rolling Aums


Represent our connection to source and everyone and everything


Nourished on every level


The eyes go where the mind follows


Dristi: Vision, point of view, intelligence, wisdom


All about relationship


Propioception: sense of your body in space


Let your vision follow your heart




The eye with which I see god is the same eye with which god sees me.


Amorphous love bubble


Four of the 12 cranial nerves are for vision alone


Relationship with planet


Prayer to sun, enlightening the world


Slow down


Om mata, om kali, durga devi namo namaha


Marvels of architectural engineering in the feet, 208 bones


If we slow down enough we can allow breath to lead


Listen as deeply and closely as you can


Gayatri Mantra


Recapped and shared in final class by Heather Sullivan & Paula Wild

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