The Power of Ritual

At various times we all experience a sense of feeling anxious or disconnected, and creating supportive rituals for ourselves can be a remarkable anchor in the tumultuous uncertainty of life. For thousands of years humans have utilized rituals to reconnect mind, body and spirit. Even if we don’t have a formal background in creating or engaging in ritual, this practice is available to us! At Balanced Rock we offer many approaches to ritual and we welcome you to check out our WildYoga Intensive or WildYoga Teacher Training to experience it firsthand! We are grateful this month to share the following guest blog post from Jennifer Allan about the power of rituals to support wholistic health. 

How Spiritual Rituals Can Boost Your Health

By Jennifer Allan

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

According to a new study from the PPRI, 18 percent of Americans consider themselves spiritual, but not religious. That number has increased with each new generation of Americans. Why? Spirituality provides a number of benefits in our lives. One cornerstone of spiritual beliefs is the process of creating rituals that center your body and mind. Many spiritualists have morning routines that focus on growing their spirituality. However, rituals can be practiced at any time of day while still providing exponential benefits.

Physical Health Benefits

Spiritual rituals vary from person to person. Typically, when we think of spirituality, we see images of people meditating. That’s certainly a beneficial ritual, but it’s not exclusive. In fact, people who incorporate physical activity into their routine experience emotional and mental benefits. Spirituality is directly connected to the physical body; when we feel centered and connected to the earth below our feet, we feel calm. Focusing on connecting with the physical world through exercise, observing our surroundings, and connecting with others feed our spirituality and improve our quality of life.

Mental Health Benefits

Creating a spiritual ritual that you practice every day can have a significant impact on your mental health. Americans are struggling with increasing rates of depression and anxiety. The combination of societal pressures, identity crisis, and trauma all impact our mental health. The inclusion of spiritual rituals like meditating, yoga, and mindfulness all aid in treatment. In fact, psychologists have created a new form of treatment for people suffering from mental health issues that heavily focuses on spiritual health.

How to Create Spiritual Rituals

Since you know how beneficial spiritual rituals are for your physical and mental health, it’s time to try them out. One easy way to start your spiritual journey is to practice gratitude. Every day (morning or night), write down three things you’re grateful for. You can list physical things or emotional. Gratitude rituals are a great stepping stone for beginners in spirituality. They’ll create a more positive outlook on life. Later, consider incorporating mindfulness techniques and meditation.

Embracing spirituality and creating rituals can significantly improve your physical and mental health. As more and more Americans are becoming spiritual, research is proving that spirituality and its rituals truly benefit us. Whether you have concerns about your physical health or are struggling with mental health issues, spirituality can help. Starting with gratitude, begin incorporating rituals into your daily routines and reap the benefits.

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