10 simple things you can do to kick off 2021 with a new vibe…

  1. Keep it simple. Rather than add anything new to your plate, take 30 minutes during the initial days of the year to see where you can simplify something you already do.
  2. Honor a morning practice. This can be ANYTHING, as long as it involves you, a few minutes in the morning, silence, and breath. You might take your cup of coffee or tea outside for a few moments of contemplation. You might inhale your arms mindfully overhead and gaze skyward for a moment. You might give yourself a great big bear hug while still in bed. Of course if you have more time, do a meditation session, a yoga practice or a mindful outdoor adventure!
  3. Practice gratitude. How many times have we read or heard how daily gratitude can make us happier? It’s true, AND it can help achieve our goals! Listen to this episode of Hidden Brain podcast to learn how gratitude can be more effective than willpower.
  4. Go outside and give yourself a rad gift! Any amount of time outdoors will improve all aspects of your life. Even if the weather isn’t great. Let Balanced Rock customize an outdoor adventure for you in 2021!
  5. Learn something new. Over the course of a year that has had us all scrambling to adjust, we may feel stagnation in the arena of our own learning. Perhaps pick up an instrument, a new language, a sketchpad, or join Balanced Rock WildYoga Teacher Training!
  6. Stay connected. Review your recent calls list, text or WhatsApp threads and notice; who are you communicating with? Do these communications bring you a sense of support and love? Check in where you might communicate more, and where you might create more space.
  7. Review and renew. Are there aspects of the previous year that are just adding weight to your mind, body, spirit that could be removed from your life? I’m thinking about the pair of undies that is saggy, the half eaten jar of jam in the back of the fridge, the half read novel from March still on your bedside table. Take a little time to make a (small and manageable) clean sweep, and watch yourself become more spacious.
  8. Drink more water. Because it’s good for you.
  9. Commit to care for the Earth. Consider adding an environmentally conscious practice to your lifestyle! Since we are not separate from our planet, this will certainly benefit you directly as well. Whether it’s giving up plastic, walking more, or cutting back on meat consumption, any individual effort can have a positive collective impact.
  10. Close this browser window. Close your eyes. Experience the next three breaths with attention and care, as if they may be your last.

This blog post was written by Paula Wild, Program Manager for the 2021 WildYoga Teacher Training. Stay tuned for a feature on Paula in the new year as we welcome her back to Balanced Rock for 2021!


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