In Your Own Words: What kind of yoga does Balanced Rock teach?

We asked our WildYoga Teacher Trainers and support staff to share, in their own words, what kind of yoga Balanced Rock offers the community through our YTT program

Balanced Rock has been offering a unique Yoga Teacher Training since 2008 in and around Yosemite National Park. The next round of Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion will begin in October 2019, click here for more information.

Below are words the instructors & staff for the WildYoga Teacher Training came up with at a recent gathering beneath the summertime trees in El Cap Meadow. After compiling all these journal entries….it’s hard for us not to want to go as students!!! Here is how they describe our yoga teacher training program:

From Dennis Eagan, 500hr-ERYT |

Balanced Rock offers a holistic approach to yoga that blends the practices of asana, pranayama and meditation with the energy field that sustains us–the biosphere. It is a deep exploration of yoga’s roots in nature and provides a bridge between eastern philosophy and our western culture.

From Jana Kilgore, 500hr-ERYT |

Inclusive, all levels and nature based modern yoga influenced by classical teachings. 

From Eliza Kerr, 200hr-RYT |  

It is my understanding that the yoga we teach is true to the original meaning of yoga. We offer a variety of tools that help the students connect to their truest self.

From Heather Sullivan, 500hr-RYT |

LOVE. Love could suffice as my full answer but just to clarify; heart-felt, nature-inspired, 5-Elements, authentic, niche, accessible, comprehensive, infused with Ayurveda and Nature and Creativity. Compassion. Union. Service. LOVE.

From Paula Wild, 500hr-ERYT |

Balanced Rock offers accessible yoga classes inspired by nature that are welcoming to beginners through expert, all ages and all body types. Yoga that is rooted in deep connection to nature and spirit. Yoga which incorporates attention to the breath and connection to our body as nature. 

BR has many instructors trained in different yoga lineages. However the thread that weaves through all of the classes is a lifelong connection to nature and wild landscapes that inspires the teaching. Each class is unique; certain instructors offer a more vigorous practice, while others take a more gentle or restorative approach. What you will find in every BR yoga class is a connection to your body as nature and a focus on the breath. 

BR classes include yoga asana, however the focus is not on physicality, rather it is on connection; to self, the breath, community and nature.

From Cassidy Engfer, BR support staff & 200hr-RYT

The yoga that Balanced Rock teaches not only yolks or unites the mind, body, and spirit- it reconnects our unified self to the natural world. 

From Meaghan Olsen, BR support staff & 200hr-RYT

Elemental. Philosophical. Modern yoga influenced by classical teachings. Wild. Expansive. Grounding. Connected to Source. Nature-based.

Some of our instructors and program support from our recent gathering in El Cap Meadow!
(From left to right: Heather Sullivan, Breezy Jackson, Jana Kilgore, Dennis Eagan & Cassidy Engfer)
photo credit: Meaghan Olsen

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